These are my daily thoughts on some practices that can be helpful to the house rehabber.

  1. wall texture: keep it as smooth as possible and uniform. Spray texture is not that expensive, but make sure its done by someone who knows what they are doing. It can go a long way in making  a good first impression on buyers.
  2. Keep it fresh: Buyers are looking for new or remodeled , avoid reusing “2nd hand” items unless you refinish or make look “fresh”

I asked one of clients, “if the old counters were not good enough for the homeowners that threw them out, why are good enough for your 300k (proposed sales price) home?


3. Spend extra on Kitchen – Lighting, hardware, outlets, storage.

4. Hire a designer : Especially for homes over 300k , for 500.00  or so you would be surprised how a professional can help choose colors, cabinets, lighting and more.