This is my hard money blog site. Our blog site allows for daily posts and articles that we find and hope our borrowers and friends find it useful.

 I have spent the last 12 years investing in, originating and raising private capital for investment property loans. I am an experienced investor myself having bought and sold over 25 homes in the last 10 years. I am also an active landlord currently holding over 10 properties.

What our Hard Money blog may cover.

Transactions: loans ffor  investors can be far more complicated than the ordinary loan for the owner occupier and my real world experience will give me an edge in finding the best deal for my clients.

How we work: We operate as a mortgage broker and lender. We are direct to the checkwriters and maintain some control and perform much o f the underwriting ourselves.

  Review and  Underwriting processes:

No two borrowers are alike.  By working with many investors/funders , we can offer custom solutions for every private/hard money financing situation in the state of Texas.  Whatever your hard money financing needs, we will tailor a loan that’s right for you.

214 213 8967

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