Texas Small Balance Commercial Real Estate Loans

Preferred Product Type: Office, Medical Office, Warehouse, Retail


Location: Texas Urban/Suburban Areas with Population > 50k


Loan Amount: Minimum: $500,000 Maximum: $4,000,000


Term: Up to 20 or 25 Years Self-liquidating


Prepayment Penalty: Declining 5% Years 1 – 5 (Other Options Available)


Interest Rates: As Low as 3.36% Fixed Rate Lock: 30 Day Free


Origination Fee: 1%

Minimum DSC: 1.40x

Maximum LTV: 65%

Recourse: Required


Minimum Personal Credit: 675 with no prior bankruptcy


Minimum Equity Injection: 20%

Management Experience: Previous Ownership Required

Closing: 30 to 45 Days

Assumable: 1% Fee and Lender Approval

Subordinate Financing: Allowed Up to 15% of LTC/LTV Whichever is Less


contact us: 214 213 8967

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