Texas Land Growth and Hard Money

Texas land and growth:

Just a short note about Texas land , prices and ideas.

Texas A&M Real Estate center is a great place to research land prices, articles and data.

See the rural land historical values.

As far as how this relates to hard money. Texas land is still demand whether it be recreational or for development.

If you have Land you wish to purchase or put up as collateral here are some quick thoughts and questions you will be asked.

1. Recreational /Rural land:
Do you have mineral rights
Is there water (creek, springs, wells, lakes…)
What is long term use (will it always be recreational?)
Is there hunting or fishing? Do you lease?

2. For Development:
How does it relate to path of growth
What is best use? What are alternatives
How much is usable? (note floodplain, restrictions, easements…)
What is zoning ?
Are utilities near or on property?
What is entitlement process like in the city /county?

Typical loans are 40 – 60% LTV on Land.

Should you need hard money on land please contact us.


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